The AWM Student Chapter at York University is debuting a new series of talks featuring women in the York community. Each presentation will feature someone at a different point in their mathematical career. Talks will be geared toward a general audience following this we will have a tea time. The goal of this seminar is to foster a sense of community among the undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Tuesdays (biweekly), 14:30-15:30, Ross N620

Upcoming Talks
April, 2018 (TBA)
Elena Aruffo
“Disease Modeling: How to control and prevent epidemic outbreaks”
Although vaccination campaigns strive to achieve herd immunity (a critical threshold of ‘immune’ individuals needed to protect an entire population from infection), populations continue to be affected by childhood diseases globally. In the past decade, despite the high 95% vaccination coverage in Canada outbreaks of measles, mumps and rubella have been reported. To understand why outbreaks of childhood diseases occur in highly vaccinated countries we have to look at several biological and behavioral processes. One reason for this is associated with waning immunity.
A way to give public health an answer is using disease modelling. This mathematical field is able to describe the steps that an infectious disease goes through and is able to track the infected individuals. In our talk, we will describe compartmental models, some fundamental concepts in disease modelling and some results we achieved in collaboration with PHO.

Past Talks
February 6, 2018
Laura Colmenarejo
“Combinatorial physics: The interplay between quantum physics and combinatorics”
Combinatorial Physics is an emerging area which unites combinatorial and discrete mathematical techniques applied to theoretical physics, especially Quantum Theory. During this talk, I would like to overview some of the problems that have lead to a particularly harmonious collaboration between mathematicians and physicists.